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Trips to Peru and Bolivia with Alpinca – testimonials

  • Boliwia, Chile – Jagoda & Jerzy Starzyńscy, Poland

“We just came back from 2-week expedition in Bolivia. We were this wonderful team, but without Izabela (our guide) it wouldn’t be that wonderful! We designed together with Alpinca our programme. Our goal was to see the most beautiful places in Bolivia in a short time. And we suceedded! Iza was able to put in one program all the places that we wanted to see and with a perfect logistics of Alpinca, we could do it all! Thanks to Izabela and Nicolas for organizing our trip to Bolivia and Chile. It was an amazing experience!


  • Trip to Peru & Bolivia, Comfort 25 days- Leszek Łaski 

“Despite of ‘young age’ of Alpinca co-founders, this travel agency did it best to make my trip amazing! I spent about one month in Peru and Bolivia and all the logistics, city tours, guides were just excellent. Constant supervision and customer care were at the highest level. I highly recommend Alpinca to all those who would like to come to these incredible regions of Peru & Bolivia.


  • Trip Magical Peru – Magdalena Osiadły, Poland/Switzerland

“Peru was always my dream. Machu Picchu, beautiful weather, exotic flora together with delicious peruvian cuisine – that was Peru! I was afraid to organize a trip to Peru on my own, as I do not speak Spanish. I also wanted to see all relevant places in Peru in a short time. Thus, I thought that the best decision would be choosing a local agency from Peru. In 2 weeks, we have done all the places that we dreamed of! Colca Canyon, Titicaca Lake, Machu Picchu, Lima, Arequipa, Cusco…In all the cities we had amazing local guides, who were speaking very good English. We could get to know local culture, native people and delicious regional dishes! Peruvian people are very friendly and warm-hearted people. Alpinca did all the logistics perfectly. I highly recommend this trip to everybody who is interested in having a great adventure!

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  • Trip to Peru, Bolivia, Chile – Natalia Olarte, Colombia



  • Trip Magical Peru – Sylvie Millat, France

“Peru has been always my dream. We decided to choose a local travel agency because the prices of the tickets were really lower than the prices of normal travel agences based in France. Alpinca desgined for us an authentic travel in Peru. We were travelling all the time off the beaten path. Everything was perfectly organized, from transportation, hotels, guides…everything at the highest level. We were very surprised. The contact with Alpinca’s team was as well very simple. Everytime we could call them if we had any doubts. They were very keen to respond us. Moreover, Alpinca’s team loves what they do and that is what makes them so special. Thanks to you I had a travel of my life. Thanks again Alpinca”


  • Trip to Peru, Bolivia, Chile – 15 days – Magdalena Marciniak, Poland

“At the beginning of June I had the pleasure to visit South America. From the very beginning I was very excited with this trip, but on the other hand I felt a little bit scared. Organizing this kind of trip from the distance when you are busy with your everyday life in Europe, do not know Spanish, local rules and Latinos’ habits was challenging. However I was lucky to meet AlpincaTeam a few months before this trip when I was going to Asia. Isabela and Nicolas were very helpful than in China and also this time.
They took responsibility to arrange everything for me starting from taxi at the airport, through whole logistics, ending with the list of places which I need to see. Thanks to Alpinca I was able to visit Peru, Bolivia and Chile during the two-week holidays. Everything was very well organized – we were staying in very local and traditional places. Some of them were not very touristic what made this trip even more fantastic.
In each place our guides spoke well in English what is very helpful when you know only ten words in Spanish. I am a huge fan of art and it is worth to mention, that thanks to Alpinca I had chance to attend traditional folk festivals and meet with craftsmen. Spectacular!
The views in Peru, Bolivia and Chile are amazing and breathtaking, completely different from those, which you can see anywhere else. Alpinca knows places which normal human beings cannot even imagine. With them I felt so safe and happy and I can honestly admit, that being there with and thanks to them was one of the best decisions in my life. Thank you Isabela and Nicolas for your help and great time.


  • Trip to Peru & Bolivia, 30 days – Patricia & Wioleta Górna, Poland

Alpinca takes very good care of their clients. We saw it especially when we got the altitude sickness during one of the trekkings. Nicolas took good care of us, he knew how to motivate us to not to give up.
They take you to really amazing places that are not that touristic.
With Alpinca you are in good hands!!!

Thank you Isza and Nicolas 


  • Trekking AUSANGATE + Rainbow Mountain 5 days – Charline i Claudine, France

“We got to know about Alpinca from our friends who also did Ausangate trekking before us. Everything was perfectly organized, an excellent guide, delicious and nutricious food during all the trekking…Spectacular views, authentic atmosphere and possibility to use natural hot springs after long hours of walking- everything was made perfectly! We recommend this trek to all sport and mountain lovers. Adventure guaranteed with Alpinca!”


  • Trekking AUSANGATE 4 days- Guillaume & Fred, France

“Thanks to Alpinca recommendations we decided to go for Ausangate trek. Organization of this trekking was just perfect, delicious, local food (even too much!), excellent guides…Moreover, we had an emergency horse in case of any accident or if we were too tired to walk. Best experience in Peru thanks to Alpinca & Nicolas who helped us to choose best places to visit in Peru & Bolivia! “


  • Climbing CHACHANI volcano – 1 day  – Pablo Rodriguez, Peru

The hiking trip we took with Alpinca to Chachani was spectacular. There were times when I thought I was not going to make it and was ready to quit but Nicolas and Issa were so motivating that quitting was not an option.
The guides were so kind and knew about everything, i will totally hire them againg for another tour.

Great job, guys!


  • 14 days in Bolivia and Chile – Krystyna & Jacek Mańczak, Poland

“For many years we have been using local agencies in all the countries that we were visiting. We usually design our trip on our own and we give it to the local travel agency to organize it for us. We do it especially in the countries where we don’t know the language, like Bolivia and Chile. Alpinca did its work perfectly. We were contacting by e-mails with a very friendly and direct co-founder of Alpinca- Izabela. We had local, very nice and helpful guides who were speaking excellent English. We visited all the places that we dreamed of: the Death Road, golden mine in Potosi, famous Salar de Uyuni, La Paz…we even hiked to Pico Austria (5100m)! We recommend this trip to everybody who likes a bit of adventure, active holidays and local culture!


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