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Peru – Bolivia- Chile – 21 Days


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Travel to Peru- Bolivia- Chile

Day 1: Arriving in Lima

We will wait for you at the airport in Lima and we will take you to the hotel. Depending on the hour of your arrival, we will visit a modern part of Lima (Miraflores) which is situated very close to the ocean. Then, you will have a chance to try you first peruvian dishes!

Day 2: Lima City Tour – Paracas

Breakfast in our hotel. Today we will visit Lima – the capital of Peru. We are going to get to know such places like: Plaza San Martin, PlazaMayor (the main market), the government palace, a cathedral with the body of Francisco Pizarro, catacombes San Francisco and Plaza Murillo. Afterwords, we are going to continue our journey to a very lovely harbor city called Paracas. During the road from Lima to Paracas, we will be able to observe amazing landscapes, which are the part of the famous road Panamericana. Arriving to the hotel in Paracas. Rest of the day is for you. You can relax and have a walk on the beaches of Paracas. Plus, you can try delicious sea fruits for your dinner!

Food included: Breakfast

Day 3: Paracas – Ballestas Islans – Nazca

Today we are going to visit famous Ballistas Islands which are called ‚ Small Galapagos”. We will have a two-hour cruise to see a sea life of Paracas. Ballistas is a home for many species like pelicans, seagulls, cormorans or pinguins. If we are lucky we can see pink dolphins. in the afternoon, we continue our trip to the south of Peru, to the city called Nazca. During this way, we will have a chance to stop over in Huacachina.This place is very famous for sport activities like boogie or sandbording.

Afterwards, we arrive to Nazca and we take our flight over the mysterious Nazca lines. Night in Nazca.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 4: Nazca – Arequipa

After having breakfast, we are going to continue our journey to the southern part of Peru, a city called Arequipa. Our journey from Nazca to Arequipa will last for about 10 hours, so we can enjoy spectacular views which gives us this road. Arriving to Arequipa.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 5: Arequipa City Tour

Breakfast in the hotel. Today we will visit this colonial city called ‚White City’ because  of the amount of building built from a white material coming from the volcanoes. Arequipa is situate on 2325m above the sea level. During our stay here we will have a chance to have the fist acclimatization before our journey to the higher parts of Peru. Arequipa is the second biggest city, after Lima, in Peru. From here, you can have a spectacular view on three volcanoes: El Misti (5825m), Chachani (6075m) and Pichu Pichu (5664). Today we are going to visit: cathedral, St.Catalina Monastery, some churches and a local market called San Camilo.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 6: Arequipa – Chivay (touristic service)

Early morning we hit the road to the one of the deepest canyon in the world called Colca Canyon.

The transfer will last about 4 hours. On the way, we will pass through some national parks where we could observe alpacas, lamas and vicunas. The highest point, during our journey will be a pas  situated 4910m above the sea level, where we will stop over to have a wonderful panorama view on different volcanoes. We will spend a night in a small village called Chivay, where we can also enjoy natural hot springs.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 7: Chivay – Cruz del Condor – Arequipa

Early in the morning we continue our trip to the Condor’s Cross (Cruz del Condor). From this place you are going to have an unbelievable panoramic view on all Colca Canyon. What’s more, this place is very famous for a spot for watching condors. So, if we are lucky enough we will see plenty of condors flying above our heads. Finally, we will discover some small villages, like Maca or Yanque, placed in Colca Canyon.After lunch, we are going to Puno- a base camp for Titicaca lake. Arrival in Puno.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 8: Arequipa – Cuzco City Tour

After breakfast we take a flight to Cuzco. Then, we are going to explore Cuzco – the ancient capital of Inca’s empire. We will visit the main place, famous cathedral and the temple of the Sun. Secondly, we will move away from the centre and we are going to visit Inca’s temples like Kenko, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara and Sacsayhuaman. After the visit of the city we are going back to our hotel. Rest of the day is free for you. Night in Cuzco.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 9: Cuzco – Ollantaytambo – Sacred Valley

Today’s day is dedicated for exploring the Sacred Valley. We will see a village called Pisac, where you can buy ethnic jewelry. What’s more we will explore Pisac’s archeological site. Then, we will visit Ollantaytambo – a very charming inca’s complex that had administrative, agricultural and religious functions. We will have a lunch in a local restaurant. Night in one of the Sacred Valley’s villages.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 10: Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu

Most probably, today is one of the most expected days for you. Firstly, we will take a famous train to the village of Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes). After our arrival to Aguas Calientes, we will take a bus that will take us to Machu Picch. We will have a chance to visit this wonderful place during three hours with our guide. Later on, you can stay in Machu Picchu as much time as you need it. Finally, if you want to you can go to the hot springs to have a warm bath after such a long day! Night in Aguas Calientes.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 11: Machu Picchu – Cuzco

Today we are going back to Cuzco by train. We arrive in Cuzco in the afternoon. Later on, you will have free time to buy some souvenirs and relax before going back to your country.

Food included: Breakfast

Day 12: Cuzco – Puno

Today is gonna be a transfer day. We will take a long bus from Cuzco, direction Puno. During this journey, we are going to have some stop overs. We will visit Pukara where one of the most ancient civilization was evolving. Then, we will have a break in La Raya (4335m), one of the highest stop over during our way. Finally, we are going to pay a visit to one of the most relevant and beautiful churches in Peru, called San Pedro de Andahualillas. During our way, we will have a lunch in a local restaurant. Night in Puno.

Food included: Breakfast, lunch

Day 13: Puno – Copacabana – Isla del Sol (Bolivia)

Early in the morning we take a 3-hour tourist bus to Copacabana (Bolivia). We have about 2-3 hours to visit this small, picturesque town. The town itself is very touristic and traditional. You can admire women with their traditional clothes and hats (cholitas) as well as modern graffiti made in the centre of the city. For lunch we are going to visit a local market where we will have a chance to try a trout from Titicaca Lake. At 13.30 we take a 2-hour boat to Isla del Sol (Sun Island). After arriving to this wonderful island, we will have a small walk, discovering a daily life of its inhabitants. The island is very authentic so we can truly enjoy our stay there. Night on the island.

Day 14: Isla del Sol- Copacabana – La Paz

In the morning we take a boat back to Copacabana, where we are going to have our lunch. Afterwards, we take a local bus to La Paz (about 4 hours). The road to La Paz will be quite surprising. On the left side we can enjoy the view on Titicaca Lake, and on the other side we have a range of mountains called Cordillera Real. We arrive in La Paz late afternoon. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 15: La Paz City Tour + Moon Valley

We start our day with a city tour of this unique city – La Paz. We will admire the cultural, historical and archeological richness of this city. We will visit Plaza Murillo, the cathedral, St. Francisco’s church, a view point called Killi Killi from where we can see all the panorama and high mountains of La Paz. After this point, we continue our day with a visit to Moon Valley!

Day 16: La Paz – Uyuni – Chuivica

After breakfast transfer to the airport. We take a flight to a very unique place on Earth called Salar de Uyuni! Afterwards, we start of 3-day excursion to the most beautiful place in Bolivia. We will travel by our jeep and we will enjoy some unreal landscapes. We will stop over in some places like the graveyard of trains or the Colchani village where we can see the process of salt extraction. Finally, we drive a few kilometers through the Dakar Rally and we stop near the island called Incahuasi. We visit this amazing island which gives us a panoramic view on all the Salar. We sleep  in San Juan – one of the village situated nearby the Salar.

Day 17: Chuivica – Laguna Colorada

We continue our excursion to Laguna Colorada. On the way, we will pass some visionary landscapes like Stone Forest, active volcanoes, some colorful lagoons where we can admire adorable flamencos. Finally, we arrive to our destination point which is Laguna Colorada situated on 4300m above the sea level. We sleep near this lagoon.

Day 18: Laguna Colorada – Laguna Blanca/Verde – San Pedro de Atacama

We get up before the sunrise in order to see some geysers called ‚ Sol de la Manana’ situated on 5000m above the sea level! Finally, we will have a chance to enjoy hot springs placed in a very special place. Later on, we will admire White and Green Lagoons from where we can see a majestic volcano Licancabur. Then, we take a touristic bus to reach San Pedro de Atacama (Chile). In the afternoon we visit Moon Valley.

Day 19: San Pedro – Calama – Santiago de Chile

Today we go to Calama from where we take a flight to Santiago – a capital of Chile.

Day 20: Santiago – Valparaiso – Santiago

Today we are going to visit a very picturesque town called Valparaiso. During our visit we will admire colorful houses and amazing street art. Later on, we will take a cable car which gonna takes us to the view point from where we will have a panoramic view on the city. Finally, we will visit a house of a very famous poet Pablo Neruda. We come back to Santiago in the evening.

Day 21: Santiago – Way back home

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Taking a flight back to your country.

Map of our travel to Peru, Bolivia & Chile:

mapa peru boliwia chile


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